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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Public Enemies

Yesterday Kevin and I saw our first theatre movie since my return from Iraq in late 2007. There hadn't been a movie that sparked our interest to pay $9 each to see; we had been renting them so far. I've gotten tired of the usual chick flicks and brainless action dick flicks that Hollywood loves to produce en masse.

But a movie starring John Depp was hard to resist. He's my favorite character actor. And besides, he spent three days with his crew filming in Crown Point, IN last year where, according to my stepmom, he "endeared himself to the locals." John Dillinger had escaped from the old Lake County Jail there in 1933 using a wooden gun. The building still stands a block from the historic Courthouse Square as a musuem.

The movie wasn't an Oscar winner as there were too many inaudible portions of the movie, and many night shots that were hard to follow. But Depp, as usual, played Dillinger well.

I recognized the outside shots of the old jail, as US troops stood outside wearing WWI-style helmets. Sandbags were placed around the jail to protect them from small-arms fire. This scene showed up an hour into the 143-minute movie.

After the movie we had our usual post-review commentary. It revolved around Dillinger's penis. Throughout this movie I never pondered Dillinger's penis. I was more impressed with his charm and charisma on people, even the baffled FBI. (Traits that still work to fool FBI agents)

"His penis is on display at the Smithsonian!" said Kevin.
"His penis?!"
"He had a huge dick!" he said.
"I don't remember seeing his penis there" I replied, knowing that this sort of stuff, if real, would be at the Museum of American History, my favorite museum in DC.

Turns out the Dillinger Dick is, as suspected, an urban legend.

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