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Friday, December 4, 2009

School closures

I read with shock of the closing of Apache Middle School in town. Why?!?! The town has a growing student rate and we don't have the money to build more schools. Where will the students now enrolled there go for next school year? And where will the teachers go?

I have realized that I'm entering the teaching profession at the worst possible time. Perhaps I should just give up any hopes of being a full-time teacher and going straight into researching as a historian. Of course, that means two more years of training anyway.

This proposed closure is due in part to the governor's proposal to reduce the state's funding for public education by 15%, translating to a local funding shortfall of $1,900,000. Closing this school will allegedly save the district about $663,000. A district-wide salary cut of 5% is also being proposed, as well as the standard cut in basic supplies. The district still needs to make more cuts of over $2 million...

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