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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A compliment from a friend

I heard from Mark yesterday via email, my old army pal who used to live in Lubbock but who now lives in far eastern Texas. He and I explored a few north Texas state parks when I lived in the Texas:

"...I ran across someone yesterday who is wanting to travel and see the world, a complex woman, reminded me immediately of you for you are knowledgeable about travel.

You are the best at scoping every drop of info so that a travel is not merely sightseeing but living out the history and seeing it as it was and is now. That is unique in my mind. I know few like you."

Kevin has told me similar compliments, saying he always enjoys the roastrips I plan. Although Yuma wasn't exactly the best road trip, it was a good insight into the area's history (what is left of it) and its natural environment.

I need to plan a road trip back to Texas, but getting to its eastern boundaries is a full day's drive.

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