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Monday, March 8, 2010

Earthquakes and Oscars

The world had another impressive temblor this morning, this time a 5.9 in eastern Turkey. Are we getting more-than-usual amounts of earth shaking this year? It sure does feel that way!

The Oscars were last night. I was too busy writing a Steinbeck paper to even remember to watch TV, and not that I would have watched the Oscars anyway. (I just prefer to hear who won the coveted award rather than listen to politically-geared Hollywood blah.) Naturally not one movie sounded familiar to me. So either I'm no longer in the movie-watching demographics or Hollywood has been making shit lately, inter fused with tit-bouncing, subjugated bimbos with dumbed-down dialogues and plots. I'd rather read a good history book or watch a captivating documentary than spend big money supporting the stuff Hollywood has released recently.

But this year's winners do actually sound interesting. Jeff Bridges won for Best Actor. Sandra Bullock won Best Actress. I still laugh quietly watching "The Big Lebowski." I can't think of a man who could play a loveable tramp as well as he can.

Even the foreign movies this year are all new to me. An Argentinian movie won over a German war movie. That is good news as I have refused to watch war-related movies for a while now. I've been inundated with Nazi films all my life and I'm tired of it all!

It rained and stormed again overnight. This morning the car windshields were frosted over. It's still chilly out, and a new layer of snow has covered the Huachucas. At this rate the snow at 8000' is never going to melt! I already told Steve I'm postponing my Baldy Saddle hike slated for 20 March.

I need to hit the college library now and finish my Steinbeck paper. I should be able to find good citations for my research by the end of the day and then I can say I am all caught up with assignments. Even my digital photography instructor wrote me back after grading the last assignment saying he likes my still lifes but that my exposure needs work.

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