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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Murray Springs hike

It was a long and busy week for me. It started with Monday where I spent what time I could finalizing my mid-term.

Tuesday I took my van to the Dodge dealership only to be told that 1) there was nothing wrong with my air conditioner 2) I needed new tires and they could sell me a set of Goodyear tires for $800 and 3) the weather sealant will be ordered for me.

As soon as I left the dealership I went to my autoshop to get a set of Hankook tires. They are not the top-rated tires but for the price, and especially with the lifetime guarantee the shop offers me, when the treadwear wears out before the three-year warranty, I can get a new set for just the cost of labor.

The mechanics told me I needed new front brakes. There went another $200 but at least these brake pads are also guaranteed for life and all I'll be paying is the cost of labor.

The Sierra Vista Herald published the school district's proposals for its 2009 school year in the Tuesday paper. Among other things, 18 positions in art, music and physical education are proposed. But so are two Spanish positions and one English position. There were other cuts proposed, so needless to say the proposals were a heated discussion Tuesday at the high school. Ironically the principal suggested that "If you want to stay in this area I would recommend you Master in English."

My Wednesday presentation in my Special Ed class went very well. Three classmates told me my presentation (the fourth out of 16) was the best one yet. What I want to know is what grade the instructor gave me!

On Thursday I was in Bisbee for a "Remedial English" class at the high school that was quite challenging. My one relief that day was getting one midterm back that evening: 99% and the comment "Excellent work!" by the instructor.

On Friday I had a US Government class of unenthusiastic Seniors. Talking about the House and Senate just doesn't appeal to most people. They'd rather just complain about congressional personnel just because they can.

It was no surprise that I slept in this morning until 7am after an early bedtime last night. My mind needed to unwind.
The early chill kept me busy in the garden this morning but the dogs were restless. Keeping Sara out of sight, I took Sammy and Sadie to the Murray Springs site, a Paleoindian kill site dated 11,000 years ago. I did not take the dogs to the site itself, but instead stayed on the Murray Springs trail that led to the San Pedro house, a 2.5 mile hike one-way.

We followed a tributary creekbed that had a small creek flowing, enough water to keep the dogs refreshed and playful. The last time we were on this trail the wash was dry and the only water we had for the dogs was water at Murray Springs where the first grove of cottonwoods thrive.

We had undisturbed solitude. The only sign of life we came across was an old rusty "carcass" that probably got swept in a monsoonal flood to its current location. We made it to the river in 1:10 hours, stayed there for a little and returned the same way we came. We didn't see any people until a quarter mile from the trailhead, where we met four sets of couples. I was very proud of Sadie, who has now learned to stop barking at every stranger she sees.

We made it back home at 2:30pm. Sara had no bad feelings for staying home with Dad. She got a carride with him to Home Depot for other errands. Her front right leg just isn't healing and I didn't want the five-mile hike to cause her any more pain. I took her and Sammy on a slow .8-mile hike around our neighborhood.

I wish I could get Sara treated for her limp. The cortizone shot she got last week has shown NO progress at all. It's hard to see an animal you have loved for so long, and with whom you have bonded, suffer so much. And Sara, bless her spirit, will always want to "Go for a Dubya" with her human friend no matter how bad the pain is.

I still have one more debate to research and I also have to get the draft for my Apache research paper started next week. I had to turn down a great invite by Brenda who asked me to come along on a peak climb--literally--up Baboquevari Peak next Thursday-Friday. If it were the weekend I'd go along, but not on a Thursday or Friday. I have college classes Thursday and I'm not one to miss any class for any reason.

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