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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eagles in Llano County

The nesting pair of bald eagles are back in Llano. About six miles east of downtown Llano, off TX29, is a pair of bald eagles nesting and feeding their chicks. They draw quite a crowd, and one can tell when the eagles are out by the number of vehicles parked along the parking area. This part of Texas is one of the best-known year-round nesting areas for bald eagles. The birds have excellent taste in real estate.

I saw hunters, drive-by curious folks, and diehard birders, the ones with the fancy binoculars and/or huge lenses. One woman was perched outside her SUV's sunroof while her surveyor-husband drove the vehicle. She had a Canon 40D with 400mm lens attacjhed to a doubler. She was very happy with her Canon (who isn't happy with their Canon?!) but recommended I look into 500mm lenses attached to a doubler. That would easily be $2000...
Later on, eating an early lunch at my favorite fast-food restaurant, I noticed that there was a nicely-framed photograph of the "Llano County Bald Eagle." Residents in Llano are proud of their birds.

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