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Friday, January 18, 2008

Stephenville, TX UFO

On 8 January, shortly after sunset, a few dozen people in and near Stephenville, TX over Selden field outside of town, saw what they say was a UFO. Officials from the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, came to town to interview witnesses. They believe the sightings are quite credible, especially since several saw F-16s in pursuit. The UFO sightings were all over the news last week, both nationally and of course locally. Documentarians and UFO specialists are in town making a documentary on the recent UFOs. It sounds like that little town Southwest of Fort Worth is pretty busy these days!

MUFON will pay $5000 to anyone with a good photo of the UFO.

Now Science Club members from the Stephenville High School are selling t-shirts commemorating this news-making event with the logo "Erath County--the next Roswell!" with a Holstein cow on the front getting beamed up by a UFO. On the back of the shirt is the saying "They are here for the milk."

The recent sitings in this town north of me by 100 miles will be on my return trip Tuesday. So much for avoiding "oddball curiosities" during my travels. It's no doubt going to be listed in the next edition of Texas Roadside Curiosities.

Update 24 Jan 08: Now the Air Force is claiming there WERE F-16s flying in the area where the UFOs were sited.

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