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Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter frost

It's been relatively mild these past three months, since early November when I got back to Texas. We even had a few record-breaking 70s earlier last week with lows in the 60s at 6:30am.
But today it was in the low 30s, and even though it's clearly winter, it's cold. Colder weather is finally predicted for this week, with even colder temps for later this month. Which has me thinking...will it be even colder come mid February when I'm traveling along Texas' south coast? It's going to make van camping rather uncomfortable along the Rio Grande.

Meanwhile, the Northeast has been getting hammered with snow this season, with the fourth major snowstorm hitting New England in the past two weeks.

Last year Texas received a recordrainfall, over 50" in the Dallas area alone, and most of that in the first part of the year. So Far we haven't had any significant rain in the last three months, providing fuel for winter wildfires. The winter drought may adversely affect winter wheat. Austin's rain was the 13th-wettest season since 1919.

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