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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A little round man came by tonight

My doorbell rang at 6:30pm. It took me by surprise, as no one comes by my place.
I opened the door and a little round man with a big smile, wearing blue-grey overalls approached me and said "Good Evening M'am, I'm from Time-Warner Cable and I noticed that you aren't a subscriber to our services. Is there a reason for that?"
Bewildered, I simply replied "I already have enough TV stations, I don't need cable." Actually, I only get two stations, NBC and CBS and the only other stations I wish I could get are ABC and PBS. I get the two stations by plugging a cable wire into the TV from the wall. ) I thought that perhaps I was rude and added "I'm leaving Texas in a week anyway, I don't need cable"
"Oh, you are leaving God's Country?" he smiled back.
"I'm leaving God's Country and going to Heaven!" I replied, more with a sigh than a smile.

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