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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The monsoons are coming

It rained both days this weekend, however lightly it fell in the afternoon. The low-lying deep cumulus clouds roll in from the south over the horizon, the mountains get the rain first and we in the foothills follow. It hasn't hit Tucson yet but tomorrow is supposed to be the first day that area gets precipitation.

This storm isn't too soon, as our oleanders along the perimeter look drought stressed and some of our pole beans dropped their flowers in the early part of the month and haven't grown too many beans yet.

Several wildfires were started east of Tucson by lightning. One fire, the Distillery Fire, is now at 4500 acres. Another smaller one was contained today at 900 acres. Two other fires closer to Nogales were started by humans. Hopefully the rains will come soon to help extinguish the fires. We were lucky this season to be spared deadly fires, unlike northern California that has 800 fires throughout the region.

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