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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Waiting for the Monsoon

Since arriving back home low-lying cumulus clouds have lingered south of the border. The "Mexican Monsoon" as the meteorologists call it, has already begun in the Sea of Cortez but the storm hasn't made its way north yet. What I saw the evening I got back home was the extreme northern front. We should get the monsoons a week from now. Today marks the "official monsoon count-down" but no precipitation is expected until 1 July.

As we drove home from a late morning of browsing through the Garden Shop and two hours at Hastings browsing through books (the bookstore still hasn't stocked Scott McClellan's tell-all book "What Happened?"), we saw storm clouds over the mountains. It was raining in Ramsey Canyon and the winds were blowing strongly along the way, but the ground was still dry and will remain dry for a few more days.

As I write this it's 92F with 26% humidity. The sky's overcast which makes the heat more bearable (better here than in Houston!)

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