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Friday, June 6, 2008

On my way to the mountains

Now that my training is done I have a six-hour drive ahead of me, back to the Whites where Kevin and nine others from our hiking club are camped out. I missed today's hike but I may make that up Wednesday when everyone breaks camp, but the hikes I am looking forward to are the hikes up East Mount Baldy and Escudilla Peak, both towering over 11,000' high.

The lows last night in the area were in the upper 30s. "Pack a warm jacket!" reminded me Kevin before he took off with the dogs yesterday morning. (He wanted solo time to scout out the lake where we are camping at and to do some exploratory hiking.) He sent me a voice mail this morning bragging that "I've already seen 11 elk walk through the camp ground!"

Reina and Eenie, Meeny and Miny should do just fine without me for a few days. The hardest part will be telling Sara and Sammy that they now have three more brothers and sisters, albeit mini-siblings in the form of mini cats with sharp killer claws that I'm sure, if they take after their mom, won't be afraid to use them . Both dogs have always made wide berths around Reina.

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