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Friday, February 1, 2008

More freaky weather in the Texas Panhandle

A winter storm that blew through the Panhandle and caused a 30-car pile-up outside Amarillo that killed three people also brought chaos to the greater Lubbock area.

It was windy here in CenTex and a little chilly last night when I walked to the library, but no snow. Parts far east of us had rain, though, which wasn't enough to lift the drought and burn ban in effect.,weather.article
The storm was expected to slam Chicagoland by last night but only flurries came by 6pm. That's relief for me as I always dread hearing about my kids driving on icy or snowy roads. At least I know their tires and brakes are in good shape.

That doesn't mean they are safe today: it looks like the storm did arrive overnight...,0,2673626.story

Meanwhile, it's just above freezing this morning at 5:30am. The only good news is that it's not windy. That's a relief of sorts. It's supposed to be another warm weekend, though!

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