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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Desert Rains

We have had daily deluges lately and I don't mind. My experiment with Bermuda grass is coming along fine, although the grass grows in patches with sandy bald spots all over the yard. In a year the spots will grow over, I hope.

I took the dogs out for a much-needed walk at 6:30pm tonight, after the rains subsided. They were restless as we didn't walk yesterday. The cumulus storm clouds were laying low over the mountains. What a ghostly view that was.

The grass around us is turning green again. What a nice view that is, compared to earlier this spring when the dead grasses around me scared me about the wildfires. We escaped them this year.

Now there's Hurricane Dolly that is expected to hit Brownsville tomorrow. Floodings are expected and I can only visualize the street trash flooting everywhere. The Mexicans along the Gulf Coast need the rain and we are expected to get the after-effects by this weekend. That means more rain! And another storm off the PAcific, Hurricane Fausto, may also bring in moisture. When was the last time Arizona had such a wet July?

I have lots to do still while Kevin is gone this week. I have to start paperwork on my certification classes. That dream is finally, slwoly, coming to fruition!

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