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Monday, July 21, 2008

Kevin is gone this week

(And so are Chico and Mo,escapees from the garage)

I worked at the Extension Office for seven hours today, answering all kinds of questions from local gardeners, from peach problems to grey water harming fruit trees, sick cukes and various blights on local pines. I was busy! I didn't leave one question unanswered.

A heavy storm blew overhead in town, but when I got home at 5:30pm the ground there was dry, and no water was in my rain harvest containers.

I ate a chicken pot pie and had two beers and frumped the rest of the evening. I miss Chico and Mo and doubt I'll ever see them again. Mo looked so forlorn the last two days without his dad and probably darted outside when Kevin opened the garage door this morning. He knows the dangers of the cats possibly getting attacked by coyotes, owls or hawks here, but he has always said "They are just cats!"

To me they were my long-time pets.

I am grieving.

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