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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Full-blown monsoon

The weather guys have been talking about a "full-blown" monsoon for a week now and it looks like it's finally here. Yesterday we only had 78F as our high and although that was 15 degrees below normal, I loved the cooler temps.

This morning it drizzled and it's still drizzling, with an overcast sky that promises to bring more precipitation.

This is perfect gardening weather, although there's not much more I can do to coax the vegetables to grow. We are getting daily harvests of beans and peas.

I picked up a grey kitten this morning from Bisbee. I saw her advertised on The ad said the kitten was a boy but my experience tells me it's a girl and a very frisky girl. So far the dogs seem disinterested but I am watching Sara...she snapped at the crate while driving home. Sadie just wants to play.

I hope this kitten, "Vinnie," stays with us for many, many years. She's about three months old (not as old as the ad said, either). She's VERY frisky and I love that about her. After she gets used to her new home I hope she feels part of the animal kingdom here in town.

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