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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Digging in Dirt

We spent another three-day weekend at home building our garden. I am so stoked that Kevin's gotten into this hobby, he's even buying stuff for the beds!

He really worked for his beer this weekend, digging a 4x14' bed two feet deep. I started sowing some vegetables today after the rain.

The rains are beautiful, too, cooling the day down and making outdoor work more fun. The dogs are having fun, too.

We are not done, yet. We have another bed planned, near the Indian garden, that will be for fall planting. Red and green cabbage, beets, carrots...yum! I'm actually looking forward to the cooler temps!

I had an interesting experience at Sutherland's yesterday. I met a man named Cobb who also lives out in the country. We started talking near the fertilizer section, and I asked him for the virtues of ammonium Phosphate. That got him started telling me about his life and his grandson and how he came to be. An interesting story I'll fill in another time.

And then there was a rude redneck at WalMart later that same day...she made me embarrassed for shopping at WalMart.

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