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Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 1--I am on my way...

The man who cleared me at the apartment was the same man from Springfield, IL who cleared me in August 2006. I didn't recognize him without a beard and his once longer hair. "I shaved my beard off to get rid of the grey" he said. It looks like he also lost a few teeth along the way.

I remember his story of how he got to Texas: he came here 15 years ago to visit his brother who was then in the army. He fell in love with the weather and stayed, never going back to Illinois. I can relate to that.

Speaking of weather, it's already overcast. Earlier today it was drizzling slightly. Houston's already expecting heavy rains later today. I'll go as far as I can without jeopardizing myself. It's already 70F.

My van is packed heavier than I wanted to. I look more like a person on the move than a person on vacation. I will need to repack the back to make it roomier. I don't like it being crowded.

So, I have to stop at the VA clinic and turn in my blood pressure paperwork, then take out some cash and then I'll take Hwy 190 east toward Bryan/College Station, then jaunt south toward the big smelly city of Houston.

I am ready to get started.

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