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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Things I have learned or noticed on this trip

1. I am driving a lot more miles per day than I figured I would. Most of that lately has been in-and-around mileage.

2. Don't believe tourist brochures. Some of the nicest things I've seen were small things off the beaten path.

3. South Texas has delicious, affordable Mexican restaurants.

4. It's more difficult than I thought to write the complete story. What I am writing down here are more notes, pieces to the bigger story. When I get home in Arizona and find the time, I'll go over these daily blogs and fill in the rest. The many photos I take each day are my visual notes.

5. The Texas coast is speckled with beautiful landscapes and ugly industrial zones.

6. Any town with the name "Port" in it will be a filthy dive.

7. The cheapest gasoline sofar has been in Rockport for $2.69

8. I've been doing a lot of walking! I walk around a corner or crest a hill and see something else I want to explore.

9. Maintaining a blog, especially on a daily basis, takes up a LOT of my time in the
evening. Photo-editing takes the longest. Then finding a free Hotspot can be frustrating.

10. Texans don't make good coffee. Leave that better to the Yankees! There aren't too many good coffeeshops along the way, either, besides Starbucks.

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