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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spending the night in Lake Jackson, TX

I was busy for over four hours last night updating the blog. It was a slow and tedious process and I kept dozing off. I don't know what took longer, downloading the photos or writing the script. Outside my window the chemical plants were belching and they reminded me of Whiting, IN. The only people who would live here would be the Dow Chemical workers. Like steel mills back in Chicagoland, the chemical plants are dollars for the workers here. This industry is a necessary evil.

But that also means that part of the ocean drive is inaccessible here. I am now going west on FM332 toward Brazoria, a bit inland, and then will shoot southwest toward Matagorda. That is where I had planned on staying the night, just walking around watching birds. I need to learn to walk softly because I tend to scare the wildlife away; I'd starve if I were a wildlife photographer.

I've seen some beautiful herons, egrets and other birds so far, but they'd always fly off by the time I'd get my Canon ready. Today will be a low-mileage stay so I can watch more wildlife.

Weather looks much better today, thank goodness. It's only in the 40s right now and my sockless feet are cold, but the sky is clear and the winds are calm. A perfect day for nature watching! I wasn't too frustrated with yesterday's storm because I knew the storm would clear up--all storm do, which is an exercise in patience for all of us--and that meant I still had the rest of the gulf drive to have a chance to watch wildlife. Soon I want to camp along a beach so that I can collect seashells at the seashore at sunrise tomorrow.

I am sitting at a Hasting's Bookstore here in Lake Jackson. Their coffeeshops are wired with free WiFi (I learned that in Lubbock) and their coffee is excellent. Since I woke up craving a strong cappuccino, when I saw Hasting's I made a Texas U-Turn and came back here. It's early, I have time and it's going to be a slo-poking day for me. I think my body needs a rest; I slept ten hours (!!!) last night/this morning and didn't wake up till 7:30am. I needed the rest because I was getting tired of driving, and even while downloading last night kept dozing off. I feel energized right now, and the three-espresso coffee drink helped.

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