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Sunday, February 10, 2008

My tentative travel route

Although I'm leaving on the 11th (tomorrow!), I'm not counting my begin until the 12th as I don't think I'll get very far Monday night in the dark. My daily drives will end at sunset each day. I am allowing a three-day variation to allow for inclement weather. Although rain won't stop me from exploring wildlife and towns, it will stop me from driving far as I hate driving in rain (and wind, snow, ice and hail). Slow days on the road will allow me to catch up on my travel journal. I can find a coffeeshop that provides free WiFi and sit there for hours just catching up on each events.

To keep me from getting too bogged down writing each night, I may post just a few lines with a few downloaded photos and add the rest at a later date. There also won't be much WiFi available once I leave Laredo. Texas Interstate rest stops offer free Wi-Fi at all their locations, but I won't be on any interstate until I leave for El Paso. Don't expect daily updates that last week, especially when I'm in Big Bend hiking those long trails.
But then again, weather can always change plans. I have three hikes planned in Big Bend...

12 Feb--Houston
13 Feb--Brazos on the coast
14 Feb--Matagordo Island
15 Feb--Matagordo Island and around
16 Feb--Port Lavaca, Indianola
17 Feb--Aransas/Rockport
18 Feb--Corpus Christi
19 Feb--Corpus Christi
20 Feb--South Padre Island
21 Feb--Brownsville
22 Feb--Mission
23 Feb--Mission on the Rio Grande
24 Feb--Laredo
25 Feb--Eagle Pass
26 Feb--Del Rio
27 Feb--Big Bend
28 Feb--Big Bend
29 Feb--Big Bend
01 Mar--Presidio on the Rio Grande
02 Mar--Marfa/Alpine
03 Mar--El Paso area
04 Mar--HOME!

The drive across the borderlands of New Mexico is always exciting. Seing the Chiricahua Mountains rise from the western horizon always gives me an inspiration and reminds me that these desert lands are my true home.

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